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Eco Absorb Super Spill Absorbent

Cleaning, Oil Spill, Remote Site, Waste Conversion 17th December 2015


Eco Absorb is the most effective clean up solution for liquid spills absorbing oils, chemicals and other spillages instantly leaving no residue. Eco Absorb is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

All natural Eco Absorb is the most effective absorbent granule available. Made by a unique patented process this 100% all natural product is made into a highly absorbent granule. Eco Absorb instantly absorbs oils, fuels, coolants, degreaser, mild acids and caustics, paints, solvents and most liquids and can be used on hard surfaces wherever oils, fuels, chemicals and liquids are stored, handled and spilt • Ideal for road-side spills, service stations, workshops, parking areas, re-fueling areas, paint shops and automotive workshops.

• Granules ideal for removing all liquid spills from concrete, bitumen and painted surfaces. • Ideal for secondary clean up of spills when a final ‘polishing’ absorbent is required.

• Absorbs and cleans up all oils, fuels, solvents, coolant, degreasers, mild acids, bases, paints, inks, dyes and other water based liquids.

• Eliminates slippery surfaces, reduces potential slip hazards and improves safety in the workplace.

Working in seconds it efficiently absorbs liquid spills including oil, transmission fluid, aviation fuel, paint, wine, blood and most others

Easy to use, incredibly lightweight and cost effective

Over 15x more effective than clay granules

Available in 30kg bags

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Cooper Mobile Speaker Array

Communications, Current stock, Speaker Systems 2nd December 2015



Broadcasts highly intelligible live and recorded voice, tone and siren announcements to people over large geographic areas

– Remote operation from the WAVES base station, third party control stations or locally from the MSA unit via built-in microphone and control panel

– Fully addressable controller

– Omnidirectional speaker coverage

– Emergency operation during power outages

– Allows recording, storage and playback of local messages

– Meets Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) standards for Wide-Area Mass Notification Systems (MNS)

– Mobile, easy to move and relocate

– Rapid field setup; deployable within minutes

– Weather resistant

– special aluminium alloy horn construction provides long service life without material fatigue

– Integrated lightning protection

– Transmits voice messages with intelligibility up to 1,500 feet

– more than four football fields

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Toilet Stainless Steel

Ablution, Current stock 2nd December 2015


Stainless steel toilets, all brand new. 20 units available

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Stonehaven Peripal & Recycle water tanks

Current stock, Recycle Water Tanks 2nd December 2015


Waste Water Recycle Unit / Periphal Water – 2 Piece Grey Water Recycler  NEW & UNUSED


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Anchor 3.065 Ton

Current stock, Marine 2nd December 2015


Used Anchor 3.065 Ton – 2 Units Available



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Ablution Containers Stainless Steel

Ablution, Current stock, Remote Site, Solutions 2nd December 2015


Built for the UK MOD and never put into service.

This NEW units comprise of 5 x toilets – 5 x showers – 5 x basins – 1 x urinal.

Housed in a shippable CSC plated ISO container.

Year: 2010


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20ft Containerised Medical Grade Incinerators

Current stock, Incinerators, Remote Site, Solutions, Waste Conversion 2nd December 2015

20ft Containerised Medical Grade Incinerators

20ft Containerised Medical Grade Incinerators

NEW – available ex UK

135 kg/ph throughput units

On remote sites where waste minimisation, reuse and recycling may not be an option, the Model 3 represents a well-proven means of disposing of a wide variety of wastes cheaply and efficiently without the emission of visible fly ash odour or smoke from a standard incinerator.

It is designed primarily to handle solid waste. This can be Municipal (general household wastes) or Clinical /Pathological waste and will incinerate 1080 to 1350 kg/day typically operating 8 to 10h respectively in any 24h period.

Also perfect for remote camps and hospitals

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